Most turbos, yes. Ball bearing units require CHRA/center catridge replacements and are generally not repairable.

If you are shipping your turbo, please ensure you include our Turbo Repair Form and it is packaged correctly and protectively to ensure no damage. MIC Turbo is NOT responsible for damage during shipping.

If you're local, you may drop the turbo off at our location any time during normal business hours: M-F 8:30AM-5:30PM.

Turnaround time is usually 1-2 business days depending on condition and parts availability. Although we keep most parts in stock, there are occasions where we need to order something specific and that may increase turn around time. However, we will always offer a specific completion time with the estimate.

No, estimates are free of charge and no obligation.

All in-house rebuilds carry a 6 month warranty while performance upgrades carry a 3-month warranty against part defects. New Cartridge (Core Assembly, CHRA) installation carry a1-year warrant starting from original invoice date. We will replace or repair the defective part upon warranty approval at our discretion. Refunds will only be offered if the defective part cannot be repaired or replaced.

Yes, the warranty will be void if you do not replace or clean your oil lines. All turbos need oil and if the oil feed line is clogged, it will fail, and FAST! Oil is used to lubricate the bearings as well as to cool the turbo. If the oil return line has any build-up or restrictions in it, the oil will back up into the bearing housing. This will cause the oil to push through the seals into the exhaust or intake making the engine smoke.

Turbochargers usually do not require a break-in procedure or period.

Ball bearing units are oil and water cooled which prolongs the life of the unit. Additionally, due to the nature of their construction, they spool faster, reduce lag time, and improve acceleration compared to journal bearing units.

This greatly depends on the application, desired power level, and whether it is for street or track use. Please contact us.

Cores must be received within 30 days of service or warranty is void. Core charges and refunds range from $350+ depending on the turbocharger and condition of the core. Cores with fire damage, missing/broken pieces, water damage, disassembled, or broken parts are subject to credit reduction or no credit. We are not responsible for any shipping damages. 

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