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Garrett Turbine Housing Heatshield - Stainless

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Garrett Turbine housing Heatshield, all stainless hardware (including shield, bracket, and bolts). Easy to install bracket attaches to 1 bolt on the center housing for vibration free operation. Fits all turbine housings used on T25/T28, T3 and T4 flanged turbine housings which utilizes the 6 bolt mounting pattern. This list of turbos include, but is not limited to these models: Garrett GT28R, GT28RS, GT2871R, GT3071R-WG, GT3076R-WG, GT3071R, GT3076R, GT3082R, GT35R aka G3582R. Also fits all T3 and T3/T4 and T04S/R/Z models. Not compatible with GT40R on up.

This stainless steel heat shield serves as a protective barrier, shielding the surrounding engine components from the intense heat radiating from the turbine housing. By significantly reducing heat exposure, this product can prevent engine fires and prevent premature degradation of heat-sensitive parts over time.

Reduce charge air temperatures by minimizing heat radiation to the intercooler pipes and intake manifold. This helps improve performance.

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